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Results of Active Brand Management – part2 – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

 Now you have the opportunity to take a job that suits your interest and talent rather than continuing or pursuing a traditional job. Personal branding allows you to move more independently and choose your path. A human resource professional has the power to help many companies rebuild their human resources, or an IT specialist may sometimes tailormake the same package for several institutes.

The abovementioned four-level model is operational. Although some critics believe that it is not as effective as personal sales. However, we do not have the time and resources for individual sales of our expertise to each potential customer. This is where the online brand offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for interacting with the business environment. How Does a Set of My Skills Form My Personal Brand Strategies?

Your brand is designed in a way to convey the two main components of information about who you are and what skills you have.

Your current and future skills are some of your greatest assets for building a powerful personal brand. We tend to talk about skills separately. We often present a list of 5 to 6 skills with no clear relationship. When a set of skills are combined, it can bring more achievements for both the individual and corporate. Now, there are different sets of skills. If you want to be distinct from others, you need to develop a set of skills that can hardly be imitated by competitors on the market.

For instance, learning two different skills and evaluating the superior one or the one which is complementary to the other one is important. You, as an entrepreneurial student, will soon begin to work on starting your own business. For example, if you have computer programming skills, the process will be accelerated to a great extent. Note that it is not about selling your expertise and skills to some big companies, but it is of importance to points and apabilities. Moreover, it should be stressed that all people are not able to learn all the skills available on the planet. This fact opens new horizons for unique combinations.

I mentioned a different set of skills. The different sets of skills, which you have decided to develop, should be distinct from competitors’ and should not interfere with each other. I shall present an example to elaborate more. If you are an entrepreneurial student, you develop new business ideas, and you start planning it for the future through visualizing its implementation, and then you form required teams.

Developing a good mix of basic skills provides the basics needed for creating a strong personal brand. Your skills are like bricks and materials that are required to build a new home. Skills are the resources that support visions and make them happen over time. Finally, a set of skills have been learned. After training and learning enough, they become more complex and create more self confidence in one.

For a person to become an expert in a field, a lot of time is required. Therefore, it indicates that no hesitation is acceptable, and there is a wide gap between setting goals and achieving them. This is one of the biggest problems in this process, and many have trouble setting goals and keeping focused through the process.

One of the best personal brands in the business is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had spent several decades of his life building his brand, while his brand has been recognized during his last years. You might have noticed that he had always appeared with a black collar shirt.

Another thing you may have paid attention to is that he is an “event” person. He was first recognized by millions of people during his speech on new models of the iPhone. He can be a good role model for those who are building and presenting their brand and trying to attract potential customers’ attention.

In my point of view, events are one of the best brand informing tool and a good way to present your skills for others. Often, many tend to present their professional tendencies
during different events. Your participation in various events will have a positive overall result. events also act a tool through with others will understand you. I can talk about the personal experience of creating a great network of events. Networks are one of the most important assets for creating an effective personal brand. A meeting by the leaders in different fields can cause synergy and save a lot of effort.

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