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Results of Active Brand Management- part 1 – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

What is its relation to creating a brand? Similar emotions that convince people to buy a car, lead them whether to buy your services and products or not; although they may give excuses such as your education level or position. In other words, they may keep you in mind as the last choice, when they want to refer to someone as a buyer. But the thing that brings them to your office, is their feeling about you. We cooperate with those who we feel intimate with.

No one has to sit and drink a cup of tea with you become your lawyer, but he needs to know that you understand him and you show your similarities to him and share values.
The process of creating personal brands will bring some results. The problem is that this result can be either beneficial or destructive. A successful brand can help you grow and increase your profit. On the contrary, a false brand that has been created based on false information, can lead you to bankruptcy and harm you. But the question is, how a brand can bring about beneficial results. At this stage, buyers are trying to figure out if they want to be in touch with you and learn from you or not, making a decision is completely emotional and illogical.

If you actively manage your brand, people would be happy to give you their projects and even are willing to pay more for security and making sure that their project is executed with high quality. Everyone in any career can have his own powerful personal brand. Be him an electrician, plumber, psychologist, lecturer or painter. Personal brands can grow fast in some professions such as consultants, lawyers, and accountants (75).

By active brand management, you can eliminate inferior and unimportant customers. Fewer customers mean that you do not have to spend a considerable amount of your time answering their complaints.

We need to eliminate unimportant and troublesome who bring you low revenue. You may be your only investment in your company or institution working in, so be yourself. When you create a personal brand, you can attract top-notch customers. By doing so, you would be working in an environment that has a great added value, then your brand would be your best investment and you can create new opportunities. Spending time with customers who have improper, unrelated and false expectations from you, means more limited working hours and a waste of time. By calculating your income per hour, you will understand that how far removing this waste of time can change your business. By managing your brand, you can gather professionals.

Your reason for finishing university and starting a career was managing your time and you enjoy being your boss. So while you are selecting who to collaborate with whom you are chosen by them as well, you experience more joy and feel the true pleasure of a business relationship. It is not hard to understand “the more is your investment, the more money or revenue you will achieve”. Almost 20 percent of your customers bring you 50 percent of your income, so if you eliminate your inferior customers and double your top-notch customers, and then increase your prices by 50 percent, you have doubled your revenue. By personal brand management and choosing top-notch customers, you can increase your income.

In personal branding, we need to focus on ourselves so you can conquer the market. Personal branding can give you all these. If you see it is against traditions and norms, it is a good sign, since challenging norms and traditions have always been horrifying but beneficial. According to Peter Montoya, there are four basic levels for personal branding:

Awareness: this is where everything starts. You need attention. People need to listen to your experiences. This is a turning point for starting any personal or corporate brand. You must present your values to your customers. The way you convey this message is so important, and most of the times you have only one opportunity to attract others’ attention. A simple message is the best message to be conveyed. This will make others such as employees, customers, employers and … to think about you when they are in need.

Feeling: the rational and reasonable explanation of Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” is difficult. Logical reasoning causes that this slogan to make no sense. But it creates positive feelings which would narrow the gap between the company and its audiences. If the first step goes well and succeeds in effectively delivering your brand, then you have succeeded in making some kind of contact with the audience. The brand is not logical. Many people make contact with the brand through their feelings. Brands usually evoke emotions and feelings.

Perception: At this stage, you should have the opportunity to share knowledge and feelings along with revising them. This level allows you to deepen your relationships. You may also adjust your background. If you truly make your customers interested, they will always follow you. They will always be looking for something more. This means that you have wisely
managed the first two levels.

Decision Threshold: if you have completed the first three levels, this one would be easy. At this time, the customer contemplates you and starts the decision-making process. Now, customers have good information about you, your actions and project, and how far you are successfully implementing them. There are also positive feelings about your personality (15).

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