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Polyathlon Repositioning – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Suppose a brand is formed of several personal attributes, abilities, talents, values, differentiation and other factors. If this brand sinks and enters war and competition with several personal brands in its field, it should be shifted to other fields. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who first developed his career in Body Building. He was the champion for many years and could have been vanished from people’s minds after his career life.

After a career in sport, he puts his brand into cinema and became the symbol of power in the cinema. He acted in many movies, but after many other rivals such as Sylvester Stallone, The Rock and … joined the market, there were not enough movies left for Arnold to star in, so he shifted his career again. Americans see power (physical, political, economic …) in politics. Arnold, by the reputation he developed in people’s mind, entered the world of politics, and became the governor of California. Another example is Ronald Reagan, he acted in 50 films, and later on, became president of the United States.

Reincarnations Repositioning:

Based on this strategy, people with a powerful personal brand, to avoid sinking in their brand, while they are fully aware of their position in people’s minds, they export their brand into a product or service.

Take Michael Jordan as an example, he, as of the greatest basketball players in the world, could have just got retired and watched his brand sinking.

But instead, by acknowledging that people know him for his physique and extraordinary jumps, he, along with Nike, produced Air Jordan products and achieved a great success. This shoe promises superb jumps for buyers. Another example is a former American professional heavyweight boxer, George Foreman. He always emphasized on healthy diets for athletes, and it helped him to shift his brand to a fat-reducing grill. He earned a fortune out of selling these grills.

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