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Parallel Repositioning – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Parallel repositioning in personal branding requires a lot of intelligence and effort. Parallel repositioning strategy refers to the presence in several different areas and building a clever position in different fields. By parallel repositioning, not only we can prevent sinking in a field, but also we create synergy in personal branding. Due to the high effort requirement, a few people choose this strategy. These two or more positions should be related to some extents but differentiated in their kind. You may remember people who have built powerful brands both in music and acting careers, or many other examples.

In personal Branding, if the positioning is not executed properly, others may say he is like anyone else and this is the best way for your brand failure. If you cannot define a good position of yourself in people’s minds, you should not be saddened by the fact that others have not considered a good position for you.

Jack Trout and Al Ries have pointed out a good point in Positioning in their book “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind”. They believe that everyone has a mind, and the human’s mind allocated a closet for every product and service, for instance, shoe closet, beverages closet, beauty specialists’ closet, chefs closet and …. Human mind closets have no more than 2 or three spots for each brand category.

For example, if one is asked to name three different shoe brands, he will name the first three quickly, but he has to think to remember the next names. Even if you are looking for a dentist, they can recall at most three names, and this is true for any other products or services. In personal branding, if your product or service is in a category in which a few spots have been filled in people’s mind closets, then you will have a hard job for positioning.

Consider the mind of any human like a sheet of paper; presenting a product or service is exactly like drawing on customers’ mind paper, so if there are many sketches available on that sheet of paper, there would not be any space for yours. To make a beautiful drawing, you need to find a plain sheet of paper in your customers’ minds (43). This would be your position. To be successful in defining and positioning your brand, you have to find an empty closet in your customers’ minds and define your differentiation based on that. Now ask yourself what position do you want in the minds of your customers?

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