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Mission in life – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Mission in life derives from the concept of the meaning of life. It is such an important topic that has attracted the attention of many scholars and theorists. Nietzsche, Frankl, Yalom, Satter, and many others have spoken about the meaning of life from different perspectives.

Several definitions have been proposed about the meaning of life. Frankl has defined life as the experience or feeling while we do our favorite activities, like going out to nature, watching artworks, meeting friends, or having religious or spiritual experiences. From Battista point of view, the meaning of life refers to the cognitive and emotional evaluation of a person from life in its totality. In the Master’s view, the meaning of life is related to four essential needs: being purposeful in life, self-efficacy, having values that can justify a person’s behavior and the existence of a stable basis for having some kind of positive self-esteem. People are always seeking the meaning of their lives. When people contemplate the mission and meaning of their lives, they are confronted with the questions of who am I? What are the meaning and my mission in life? What makes my life worthwhile? How can I maximize my potentials? How does one add value to the difficulties suffered in life? In spite of such questions, everyone must seek the meaning and mission of their lives.

One of the reasons we are not satisfied with our lives is because our field of study, occupation, specialties or … are not in line with our existential goal and our mission in life. Our existential goal is whatever we enjoy trying for it, no matter we get the results or not.

By itself, each succeeds if he/she is moving in line with his/her existential goals. Answering this question is so hard, but if you can find the real answer, I shall congratulate you, since you have found the mission and meaning of your life. If you possessed all the wealth and facilities in the world, and you had to have a job, what career were you looking for? Our mission in life is like a horizon which we would never get there and we would follow until the end of our lives.

While we are doing something, we realize that we are doing it all the way, and we do not feel the same at other times, we might find out what is our mission and meaning of our lives.

On many occasions, people around us know better what we cannot stop doing. Interestingly, they know us better than ourselves. You might use their ideas as well to recognize your mission in life.

No matter how much time you spend on finding a tour mission in life, worth it. People who find their mission will never retire. Like someone whose mission in life is being a family counselor, and help troubled couples with their marriage problems. Such a person will never retire and will enjoy his job. He would be so much enthusiasm in his/her career that will build a robust personal brand (22).

Never focus your mission in life on merely collecting money; money is the offspring of what you do in line with your mission. If you are just looking for money, customers and colleagues will find out very soon about this and you will lose your attractiveness. When you are deeply following your mission in life, and love your job, more and more people would be attracted to you spontaneously, and such attractiveness may bring you more money. Think with yourself in your privacy, what is your objective in life? It might be hard, but you need to find the answer. Sometimes you will get the answer through trial and error. You can ask your friends and acquaintances if you could not find an answer by yourself.

Those who have a clear sense of their mission would find a way to manifest it, they may find their path in life, but the whole mission would be constant. In another example, suppose an individual’s mission is to solve others problems and difficulties, so when complexity or problem arises in the organization, he would volunteer to solve it, or he/she may solve puzzles to have fun or help others solve their puzzles.

Other individual’s mission in life might be change, he would try to transform and change an organization or a business, even while he/she gives speeches, he may try to make a change.

We cannot tell you what is your mission in life and whether an activity is in line with your mission or not, but sometimes an inner voice leads you the way. Often, over time and through trial and error you will find your mission in life. You may even try careers that are not in line with your character and mission. Such experiences can help you find out which activities you hate and are not in the scope of your mission.

In my opinion, it is ok, if one introduces one’s mission as collecting money, but what is he/she going to do with that money? What is one’s goal? Undoubtedly, if one believes in one’s missions, and act wisely, not only he/she can earn more money, but one can enjoy the path more. If you focus on your mission, you may look more attractive in others’ sights, more than when you focus on earning money. When it is said that one is comfortable with his career, it means that he is pursuing his life mission.

In the author’s point of view, people who always nag in life, are influenced easily by others, and alter their path by every comment they receive, avoid and fear any challenge and change, neglect, or satisfaction with any minor results are all signs of a person who has not found his/her mission in life.

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