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Media Selection in Personal Branding – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Media Selection in Personal Branding:

Media planning involves all activities which result in using time and space in mass media. Usually, an organization allocates 90 percent of its advertising budget to the media it chooses. Media planning can be divided into 4 major levels: Media Selection, Negotiation, Support, and evaluation.

Because different media have a different impact on the audience, they lead to different reactions. Various media and gadgets are available to advertisers. While it is possible to use only one medium for advertising, it is wiser to use several media for this.

The goals we are seeking, product or service features we are going to advertise for, the budget we have, our personal preferences, are some factors which affects our choice of media set (77).

Main attitudes are as follows:

Helping: any career which is revolving around helping others, such as counseling, social working, etc.

Mechanical: designing, repairing and maintaining tools and machines. Nature/ Outdoors: life science applications for animals and plants (veterinary, fish farming, etc.)

Artistic: all activities which are defined in Arts such as poetry, writing, acting, music, etc.

Social Facilitating: working with others such as human resource management, public relations manager, and so on.

Managing: Managing and planning organizations and business activities. Business Details: includes activities such as budgeting, financial analysis, accounting, etc. Data Processing, activities in math, data analysis, electronics engineering, computer programming, etc.

Minor attitudes are:

Business Systems: implementing and designing programs and systems that apply this knowledge in business and finance.

Social Sciences: a path in helping others through solving their psychological, medical, mental problems, family physician, etc.

Influence: leading and orienting people in business, politics and other sciences, and influencing on other behaviors such as research executives and researchers Financial Analysis: business and budget advisor, stockbroker, market analyst.

Quality Control: this path involves checking the quality and safety of products and services such as a locksmith, supervisor engineer, building inspectors, etc.

Science: studying the phenomenon and promoting science in biology, physics, behavioral sciences, chemistry, archeology and ….

Construction/Repair: performing any manual activity or repairing Manual work: doing any activities by working with machinery and vehicles.

Personal Services: activities that provide services for the public daily, such as serving food, brokering, airline agencies…

Basic Services: selling products and providing services such as bodyguards, hair stylists… (29).

In short, these theories believe that there are a series of characteristics and traits in individuals, and there are some career-related factors and characteristics which require suitable psychological characteristics. Individuals’ psychological traits must match and be consistent with those of career-related characteristic requirements.

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