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Lowry’s True Colors Theory – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

This theory has four underlying assumptions:

  1. Based on different personalities, each has different skills, needs, and motivations.
  2.  As well as people may have some similarities, they have many differences.
  3. Each personality can be defined by a color.
  4. Everyone’s behavior is based on his color.

Lowry instead of using complicated words defines their character by a color. This theory elaborates on people differences, as well as similarities of people with the same color category.

  1. Orange: almost 40 percent of people around the world have an orange personality. They do not obey rules and regulations. Excessive analysis and listening to details are frustrating for them. They enjoy fun, excitement, competing and taking risks. They change their fields a lot, have lots of incomplete tasks. They hate doing repetitive tasks and they like to create their brand in a profession in which diversity and excitement are more common, and not daily routines and repetitive and uniform works.

Careers such as smugglers, fashion designer, fireman, pilot, broker, a policeman and …, are suitable for these people. It does not mean that an individual with an orange personality can build a powerful personal brand in any of these careers, but his career must be based on excitement. For instance, people with an orange personality cannot be a good cashier, and would not enjoy their career. But which career in this category is suitable for an orange personality, depends on his talent, values, mission and….

  •   About 10 percent of people around the world is blue. People with blue personalities are not competing for type, they are caring and supportive. They are quiet, calm, shy, reconcilable and peaceful. They often think that they are less proficient than others. They have to work in careers that are based on helping others since it is in line with their blue personality since helping others and being supportive is a part of their characters.
  • Medic, family counselor, fitness and diet counselor, tour leader, religious clerics, and lecturer are some careers which suit those with a blue personality. He is not necessarily successful in all mentioned careers and cannot build powerful personal brands in all of them, because it also depends on other factors such as talent, mission, values, etc.

The mentioned characteristics are a spectrum of careers based on a blue personality. For instance, lecturing is supposed for orange and blue personalities. A person with an orange personality gives great lectures if his speech is about power or wealth. A person with a blue personality can be a successful lecturer if lectures about helping others and humanity.

  • Almost 40 percent of the world population are golden. They are legalist, structured, accountable, stable, conservative, disciplined  task-oriented, hard-working, love planning and pay attention to details. These people are seeking progress and can build a personal brand if they work in a professional disciplined environment that is structured, orderly and predictable.
  • Green: almost 10 percent of people have green personality. These people are very curious, have problem-solving and analyzing abilities, need freedom and independence, call others for challenges. They cannot tolerate illogical thoughts and inadequacy of others, they lack team spirit and cannot adapt to the environment. Usually, these people build and think of things in their minds which others cannot. They are usually alone and cause great changes. From other perspectives, people with green personalities are arrogant, cold, coward, impotent, love debates and captious.
  • They can be great archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers, inventors, writers, journalists, and academics. There are standard tests that can help one identify his personality type.

In short, people with blue personality type should define their brand in job environments which is related to helping others such as nursing, social working, etc. individuals with green personality, should build their brand is careers related to engineering and science. Golden personality individuals are better to work in financing and trading, and careers which require a certain degree of precision. People with orange personality should define their brand in careers including sales management and high risks (27).

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