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Lasting Solutions for Personal Brands – Authentic Personal Branding – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Many with a powerful brand have paid attention to personal branding and have been able to build an authentic brand. They are aware of their unique features, and managing their brand made themselves distinct from others. Note that not only celebrities manage their brand, but also entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Politicians such as Barrack Obama have successfully implemented their brand. They have broadcasted their values and perspectives via personal branding.

Bill Gates is a person who thirty years ago wished everyone to have a personal computer. He recently announced: “When I was nineteen, I anticipated the future based on what I saw myself.

 A personal computer is an important empowerment tool that helps people do great things. “Bill Gates at that time used his talent, and effectively dominated the PC software market. Gates’ Brand in personal computers was a dream that has come true (93). Sustainable branding is defined by two criteria of authenticity and expertise; these two criteria are as follows:

Authenticity: be your brand. You are your CEO. Your brand should be based on your personality. It represents your personality, behavior, perspective, and value. Therefore, your brand should fit in with your ambitions. You must maintain ethics consistent with your ambitions, and you must also be known as a qualified expert with the expertise, experience and effective leadership skills in a particular field. Personal branding begins by specifying who you are, what your dreams, views, and missions are, what your philosophy, values, identity, self-awareness, self-recognition are, and what brands are you presenting. Creating a trustworthy personal brand will make your unique features and values stand out from others. Expertise: you need to focus on a specialized field. Consider your main talent and unique skills, and focus on them. You will not have any unique value without skills, qualifications or special talents. You need to differentiate your expertise based on your brand. Your introduction must be distinct from competitors’ and provide special value to others. A personal brand should be embedded in the mind of the target group consistently.

Personal branding revolving around the two criteria above would create a distinct and strong brand, so the target audience can understand your brand better. Barrack Obama is a good example in this field.

The dream of Barack Obama is the realization of real change. His passion for change has shaped his brand. Obama brand promise was completely transparent: Change. Obama’s goal was to win the election with maximum possible votes. Obama used his capabilities and brand as a communication strategy in which lectures and the Internet were the main channels of communication. Obama decided to deliver lectures at the local level, and he presented examples of real people’s problems. Besides, Obama was able to optimize the implementation of media and social networking websites in his campaign. In this way, personal communication was of great interest. He strongly demonstrated the possibility of achieving his promise in his famous slogan “Yes, we can!” He wrote on his website: “I am asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change – but in yours”. In other words,
“we can change the United States together” (93).

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