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Identify and Evaluate your Current Brand – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Identify and Evaluate your Current Brand

At the beginning of your career, you have to forget your bad habits and focus on your strong assets. You can have a list. In one of those lists, add some points that can turn you to an individual with a powerful personal brand. Here you can identify anything as a valuable personal asset, which makes you distinct from others.

After you have made these lists, you can change everything that you believe others do not like about you. This can be an old habit, attitude or reaction, also how you deal with other topics. But before finalizing this list, it is recommended to be completely honest with yourself. This can be very useful for a person who wants to create a personal brand and can open his eyes to prospects.

 It is important to remember that individuals or great brands have compiled their intrinsic talents, skills, and attitudes, and have stabilized them with feedback.

Final Words

Every human is a wonderful and unique creature that has its own story. Unique characteristics, talents, values and personal mission of anyone are his most important factors in defining their ability for personal branding; what is his ability and in what field his brand should be created. In the second step, the person should become an expert in that field. An in depth explanation has been provided in the book on how to become an expert.

The third step, which is your brand foundation for strength, is differentiation. You need to constantly create differentiation and offer them to the community. These differentiations must be of value to the community.

The final step is to stay focused until the end of your career path; meaning that, consistently create value and differentiation in your field of expertise. The meeting point of your unique features and market demand is your golden point. To achieve your dreams, consider life as an exciting adventure and game in which winning or losing does not matter. We define the rules of the game since no one creates our world but us. I believe that every human is capable of creating the most powerful personal brands for themselves, because their creator is the god almighty, the best creator, and he certainly would not create a frail creature. I hope you will become number one in your career based on your strengths, expertise, differentiation, and focus.

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