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Dos and Don’ts in Personal Website – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

Here, I provide a comprehensive list of dots and don’ts on creating a personal brand:

  1. Domain

This is a must-have. If you are looking to create an online brand, this is the start point. Domains are often not expensive. The domain www.yourname.com makes you look trustworthy. Most of the young entrepreneurs register a personal website domain with their name and introduce their work ideas there.

  1. Avoid Complex Logos

Your logo is your reference. There is an old saying which goes “less is more” which is  entirely true here. However, many do not pay attention to this point and make a big mistake and design complex logos for themselves.

  1. Keeping Your Website Updated

This is probably the best suggestion. Always check contents on your website twice. This content emphasized on your brand. Furthermore, you need to make sure that content support values, ideas, and brand personality. Contents with multiple ideas may make the audience confused. Make sure that views and ideas are in-line with your content. Many people replace being personal and professional with one another. The best thing is finding a balance between personal and personal views. A good personal brand developer focuses on personal and professional views in a balanced way. Influencing active websites are always updated. I never trust a website that has not been updated for months, because the industry is dynamic and changing. Sometimes, even initial information might be wrong, so you need to control email address, contact information, postal address, and phone number as an entry on your website.

  1. Website Images

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specifies your search results and brand position while searching. Never use google images from other websites. Such images may affect search results and lead customers to other websites. It is best to use your custom images and graphics (91).

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