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Creating a Profile – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

When you put your information on different social media channels, the next step is creating your profile. What do information/ website/ online presence tell about you? How do they present to you? What message do they send? What ideas do they send for the audience? What type of fame do they bring for you?

Images are very important elements at this point. It is widely known that the human brain is capable of storing images in its visual memory which is more powerful than other memories. Attractive images can help you be remembered more quickly. I do not think there is a general rule about which image type is better for profiles. It all depends on what type of brand you are creating.

LinkedIn may portray your presence more professionally. You may also sign up on Twitter and want to become influential and even a leader. Interaction amongst all these tools will generate a general image of you as an expert in this field. Going Viral! Interacting The Internet is a revolution in communication since it was the first media that have provided different communication methods simultaneously.

The Internet has created countless interactive opportunities. You should make sure that you listen to the needs and wishes of your audience. Getting feedback is an opportunity for improvement in short term periods. Customers want to do business with people, not with companies. Communicating will help us convey our values and beliefs to our customers and provide quick connectivity with brands. Make your customers talk about you. There is no way better than mouth-to-mouth advertisement. People are more likely to trust another person’s recommendations than street billboards. This is a powerful tool for building trust. In this case, customers will find you valuable and make sure that investing in you will be valuable. Make sure that recommendations are not forgotten. You need to support recommendations with social media activities. People are likely to share the contents of trusted people. Online communities are a great place to start doing this. In these societies, very interesting things develop over time. Be an Expert: Choose You Try to show your position as an expert.

People tend to trust experts. Just claiming to be an expert is not enough, but you need to prove it. Transfer your knowledge to your audiences. If you believe in yourself, then you can easily show your actions to your audiences. An expert is loyal to his views. Finally, test new forms, things, expertise, ideas. If you are afraid of starting new projects, then you will surely fail. What is important is that the idea behind this project is new and valid. On the other hand, many great ideas have been doomed to failure due to bad scheduling and poor implementation. In both cases, you cannot find important and valuable ideas (88).

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