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Content Marketing – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

From a marketing perspective, online content is usually known as brand content or content marketing. Today, content plays an important role in creating and promoting brands in social media and marketers use these containers to communicate with the customers to expand their brand narratives. Content marketing is:” a marketing strategy approach for creating and delivering valuable, related, compatible contents for attracting and keeping the audience and ultimately creating value and income by customers. During the past few years, lots of research has been conducted on brand contents and their key success factors.

For example, studies have shown that brand contents have received responses such as “likes”, “comments”, “ share”, sales boost” by creating positive interaction with customers. Furthermore, they found that content richness is the inclusion of images and videos which have a positive impact on users’ behavior. The results of their study showed that although both videos and images have a positive effect, images are more effective (81).

On the other hand, researchers have found that contents have been a catalyst for positive and negative emotions. The researcher has not yet come to unanimity on brand content. However, many researchers believe that if any content has leisure aspects, it will have a positive influence on online users.

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