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Article Number Four Personal Branding Strategies and Results – Dr.Ali A basaltian

ne’s brand can be addressed as one’s universal agent. This is your brand, which will stick in people’s minds and even when you are on holiday, your brand will work on your behalf and collects interesting ideas. Experts and professionals with a stronger personal brand than their counterparts, usually work less while they gain higher annual revenue. This fact is against the framework which claims that there is a linear relationship between the work time and benefit.

Personal branding is a new concept. But it is growing so fast. When you own a personal website, you can share countless information about yourself, so your recruitment potential by others may increase. You can display your ambitions, initiatives, and creativity in a variety of ways. So far, I have talked with many experts and students, and a high percentage of them admitted that they had no clue about how to marketing before they got acquainted with personal branding. Many believed that marketing is as simple as a recruitment request, but now they receive many job opportunities and requests through their website users (72).

Almost all of us spend the first years of our lives in a similar order. Before starting school, we are at home, then we start school and pursue our educations and we find our first job after that. There is an issue that the smaller and more regular is the job, the more likely it is to resign your job earlier. As a result, you change more jobs compared to your parents. Instead of worrying about these processes and the company you are working for, it is better to worry about empowering your brand. Hence, even if you would be fired by a company, you will get hired by another one. Having a powerful and employable brand is way more important than being hired.

The rapid development of technology, social media, and the online world has changed business norms. People’s job status is changing, and jobs nature has altered both from employment and interaction perspectives. What does this statement mean exactly? In my point of view, there is no universal approach. Static methods such as resume and job requests were important for up to 10 years ago. These days, job seekers are expected to use various online tools efficiently and creatively.

About 50 years ago, most or all of an employee’s time was spent in a company. These people used to complete their educations and do their military services and start working in a company. They secured a good position for themselves through hard work and perseverance. Changes occurred on a global scale during the 1980s and 90s (recession, unemployment, and the emergence of technology) and the continuation of those changes resulted in the fact that our children are changing jobs constantly. They perform without any organizational or social affiliations.

I have talked with many young talented people and managers who were eager to develop their brand. But it is very surprising that a small number of them had a specific strategy in this regard. They eventually speak of a personal brand as a passive presence on a particular network (often virtual)!! However, the effectiveness of a personal brand requires a coherent strategy.

Precise implementation of this strategy will form and determine the success rate of personal brands. Everyone is familiar with managing their online identity and virtual life, along with monitoring and shaping them from an early age, and this does not limit their lives’ opportunities. The Internet has now enabled millions to display their identity. This is what employers, colleagues, friends, and people who meet us for the first time can find about us through an online search.

When it comes to business success, you are your secret weapon. In many ways, companies are recognized by their entrepreneurs (like Steve Jobs). You would not be introduced to the world of business as a strong brand until you have unleashed your exceptional features.

Entrepreneurs, whether artists or accountants, should expose their strengths to the business. You need to understand that your brand is not stagnant, but it is growing all the time. Your brand can influence your career perspective and others view about you. If you are newly hired, it will cause others to treat you well and your managers would give you more projects to handle and will enjoy interacting with you. Another impact that it may have on your work is the numbers and quality of the work orders offered to you may increase. If you are working alone, then by having a personal brand, more and more customers would be attracted to you and your income would increase as a result. If you are acting as an investor, having a brand  can help you find specific opportunities from management groups, consultants and other investors.
A deep understanding of your brand comes through a series of exercises that allow you to look back to your business and review your role. The process of understanding a brand is a discovery, a very provocative, deep, and a catalyst for a powerful change. When the quality and characteristics of your brand are defined, the next step is to develop a marketing strategy for your brand to be recognized and increase its demand.

After understanding your brand and creating personal marketing, you need to provide a credible online presence for your brand.This presence can either be simply a logo or visual slogan with different colors or can be a complicated multifaceted website, with a welcome video and blogging capabilities.

Personal branding is important for managers, lawyers, industry professionals and academics, and anyone else who has a private service, whose name is or can be put on a corporate card, since the reason why customers choose you is not due to an attractive business card or a professional environment; but their choice is based on your brand, and they decide whether to choose you or not on this basis (73).

Many assume that just working in a company with a powerful brand is enough to present a powerful personal brand of themselves and achieve high goals and great projects, but certainly, it is not the case. Personal branding is so important in your business, and it has a more beneficial impact than the brand of the company you are working for on your future career.

It is personal branding through which others will know you and refer to you for their needs. Most people have poor brands. After attending a meeting, you can hardly remember them or the services they offer, let alone you decide to work with them. To succeed, you need to remain a unique person, so that you attract others attention. People need to remember you and keep your differentiation in mind. People respect a powerful brand more (74).

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