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Article Number Five Advertisements in Personal Branding – Dr.Ali Abasaltian

advertisements are a set of activities through which audiovisual messages are conveyed or published to influence people about special products, ideas, organizations, individuals and activities.

Advertising in personal branding is an organized and deliberate attempt to influence customers’ feelings, perceptions, and attitudes for specific purposes. Advertising is like blowing the horn, while marketing acts as an engine and gearbox of the car.

The advertisement goal is inviting the audience and customer for a course of action. This action could be anything but sales. Promotional campaigns in personal branding refer to the consistent and coherent planning and management of various advertising methods along with their implementation as a scheduled set to influence the audience more.

Advertising activities include spreading messages through mass media (Radio, TV, Newspapers, magazines, the Internet) and billboards, brochures, images on public transport vehicles, such as buses and etc (76). Some reasons why to care about advertising are as follows:

  • Creates an identity for businesses or individuals
  • Creates new customers
  • By creating consumption habits can be effective in keeping old customers
  • Advertising goals in Personal-Organizational Branding
  • Advertising is used for different purposes, some are the following:
  • Strengthening or developing fame, value or brand credibility
  • Advertising and promoting ideas, organizations, and aspirations.
  • Increasing products and services consumption.
  • Accessing new markets and customers
  • Notifying merging two or more companies
  • Training current customers or new audience and customers
  • Employing new people for a company, organization or institution
  • Increase sales and support sales functions
  • Expand customer loyalty
  • Notification of a new offer or sales promotion
  • Product price announcement or service change
  • Increase market share

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