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The Importance of Personal Branding For Senior Management

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Why should a manager turn to a brand?

If we focus more closely on business and organizations cycles, we find that three names and three brands are located next to each other: Brand of the owners of the organization, the brand of the organization and the brand of the product.

There is no doubt that any product or service offered to the market will be affected by the name of the organization and the name of the owners of the organization. In many cases, we see that the personal brand of the owners of the organizations is so large and developed that shoulder to shoulder the product brand and the organization will contribute to the growth of goods.

Certainly, if Steve Jobs were to be dropped from “Apple”, he could have easily set up “Orange” and quickly achieved the same success, so did Richard Branson (Virgin) and Bill Gates (Microsoft). At a much lower level, if we look carefully, we find that many successful organizations that grow very fast are made up of a group of managers using unique personal brand.
Today, personal branding for senior management boosts business and acts as a powerful tool to compete in market, eventually winning the battle for the market.

For managers creating a personal brand, is the most important weapon at the battlefields of being seen and attention economy. Personal branding keeps managers open to customers and keeps them constantly reminded of who they are and what they do.

For this reason, it is very important for managers to upgrade their own brand. If you do not keep your brand ahead of the eyes of the members of the market, they will think you are leaving your business. At that time, you may be very surprised how quickly people forget you.

See this clip to find out the importance of manager’s personal branding.

There is no doubt, of course, that your ability is very important. When you start a business, your ability to run and value creation helps maintain your company and turn it into a place to refer your customers, being visible, however, will make customers enter and your ability keeps them with you for years to come.

Do you know that in the process of personal branding, you are your business?

Today, many customers and almost all organizations that want to choose you as their business partners, do not choose your organization for having a beautiful business card or an attractive work environment. But their choice is because of something in you (director of the organization) that makes you different. They can trust and know that you can give them something that is worthy for them and therefore they decide to work with you.

The facts you need to know about creating the manager’s personal brand:

Creating an individual brand is the key to changing all that false beliefs. If you use a well-planned individual brand appropriately and creatively, it will help you transform your name and personality into a specific product, attract specific customers and Keep them in a market downturn.

Briefly there are three truths in personal branding:

• To make personal brand is a Time-consuming process which should be carried out with high intelligence and sensitivity, because it is different from the brand of products or services. In the product branding process, the most serious mistakes ultimately cause a breakdown, and you have to start with the new product and brand, but the effects of even a small mistake in personal branding will always be with you because you cannot change yourself. With one year of continuous and intelligent activity and accelerated advice, personal branding will gradually appear for you.

• Brands grow in an organized manner. In a world of skepticism, you certainly cannot force others to accept your own brand.

• Creating a personal brand for managers changes their business. There is no magic, of course, only a lot of work, careful decision making, and intelligent behavior, consulting and strong backup could help you.

Why a personal brand is considered as a full-blown attorney for managers?

The personal brand is a full-time attorney. In other words, this is your brand that do marketing instead of you. Your brand remains in the customer’s mind, and even when you’re on a journey, your brand will work for you instead of you and it attracts new ideas and new partners for you. Certainly, managers who have a strong individual brand (and a good system for developing and accelerating it) will work less with more revenue, and there will be many opportunities for them.

Benefits of Personal Branding for Managers:

• To Discover professional goals
• To build credibility and intellectual leadership
• To grow your communication network
• To attract new opportunities
• To increase sales and profits
• To reach your goals in business as quickly as possible.

Creating a personal brand for managers is not only the most valuable asset of any organization, it is the only capital that no competitor can copy. The more powerful the brand, the more successful the business they lead.

Who do we work with?

Managers who want to consolidate their position as the intellectual leaders of their sector and industry willing to being seen better and more powerful and be more prominent in the competition. Personal branding services for managers in this group will be made by Ali Abasaltian.

An Irretrievable Offer For Managers (Out of Iran)

Dr. Ali Abasaltian as the designer and developer of personal branding of managers in Iran is a well-known and professional person. So far, more than 800 free educational articles he has put into Persian on his website. The cost of his consulting in Iran is 450 USD per hour.

We provide 15 minutes free advice to managers outside of Iran to gain their trust and confidence as well as to expand our activities on the international scene. The use of this service is free of charge, until April 2019.

Applicants should send their complete and accurate resume to our email address. We will review your resume and we will send you a 15-minute video of the consultation that has been specifically recorded for you (Or it will respond in the form of an accurate email. At least three executive suggestions will be presented to you).

Before the consultation, we will carefully review your resume and, at the time of the consultation, offer you specific suggestions to build a strong brand of yourself and become much better seen as the director of a business organization. If you would like, we can then implement these suggestions for you


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Get Acquainted With Dr. Ali Abasaltian

Ali Abasaltian

• Born on November 1986 (Isfahan)
• graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering (Shahrekord University)
• Graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (Iran University of Science and Technology).
• After completing my military career in Naja (Arak), I have been admitted to Ph.D. in Management (Isfahan University -2012) and am in graduate process.

• Graduate as “brilliant talent” from Iran University of Science and Technology
• Earn 400-day deductibility of military service provided by the Iranian elite headquarters
• Earn the highest percentage of math and stats in the PhD degree entrance exam (national level in Iran)
• Earn The highest percentage of “management theory” in the master’s degree entrance exam (national level in Iran)
• Achievement of a two-digit degree of Master’s and phd entrance exam (national level in Iran)

• Designer Engineer, Moderator and Supervisor of Building Engineering System (Base 3) in about 450 residential units (seven years)
• Lecturer in Master’s Degree in Management at Islamic Azad University (three years)
• managing several websites and online stores (four years)
• Senior Construction Engineer at the Golpayegan Dam Project ,base 1 of American ACI Concrete (one year)
• Good familiarity with about 30 specialized software in the areas of civil engineering, industry and management

• To participate in five academic research projects and to publish about 30 scientific articles in reputable journals ( inside and outside the country).
• PhD Thesis Title: Providing a pattern for knowledge sharing based on IQ and personality constructs in project-based organizations (five years of study in the latest views of intelligence and personality)
• Master’s Thesis Title: Developing the Conceptual Framework of Personal Knowledge Management based on the Nonaka Model and considering the psychological needs of individuals

Selected Articles:

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